Farm and Non-Farm Livelihoods

Foundation supports families and communities to enhance their incomes by strengthening their existing farm and non-farm livelihoods, and by helping them diversity their livelihoods. The approach is to offer support across the value chain of the livelihood activity so that the incomes are increased, expenditures are reduced and risks associated with the livelihood are mitigated. Farmers are supported with improved variety of seeds, training in improved agricultural practices and agricultural extension services. Poultry, goat rearing, fish farming, mushroom cultivation etc. and several other micro-enterprises are promoted to augment the incomes of poor families.


About 2000 families have been covered under this rural livelihoods initiative.

A comprehensive rural Livelihoods Restoration Program is being implemented at Kamalanga, Odisha based on the available resources and skills of the community members covering about 1500 families. The initiatives include farm livelihoods support, livestock support, micro-enterprise support, capacity building and handholding. Collectives have been formed to further strengthen the efforts of individual farmers and entrepreneurs.

Agriculture extension services which include an agriculture equipment bank, regular trainings on improved agriculture practices, soil testing etc. are provided to farmers at many locations to improve productivity and profitability.

Case Study

Hope Blossoms at Vemagiri!

For orphans who are infected/ affected by HIV, living itself is a great struggle. GMR Varalakshmi Foundation channelizes the support extended by the colleagues of Vemagiri Power Generation Ltd, Rajahmundry and a few ex-servicemen to such children. The employees are providing education support to 113 AIDS orphans. Some children have been provided with bicycles. Further, 25 children are assisted with regular nutritious food support. Foundation facilitates regular Anti Retro Viral therapy and CD4 Count tests (Cluster of Differentiation 4-a glycoprotein whose count is measured to assess the immune system in human beings) for these children in collaboration with the Government Hospital, Rajahmundry. There is a remarkable improvement in the CD4 count of the children.

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