Road Safety

India tops list of road accidents and fatalities, the world over. Foundation conducts several road safety awareness programs for different road user groups especially along the roads that GMR Group constructs. Several innovative programs have been designed and implemented to make the project roads safer for the communities.


The road safety awareness strategy of GMR Varalakshmi Foundation follows a five-pronged approach which includes mapping and analysis in each of the highway project; Effective awareness program on road safety; Recommendation to other stakeholders like NHAI/ Traffic Police/ RTA/RTC/Toll Plaza, etc.; Capacity building of the local CSR team on road technicalities, NHAI Guidelines, etc.; and HIV/AIDS Awareness program with vulnerable groups

GMR Varalakshmi Foundation identifies high accident prone zones and time slots and sensitizes road users on the same using different methods like live accident video shows, distribution of pamphlets with road safety messages, street plays etc.

GMR Varalakshmi Foundation also involves other stakeholders like NHAI, traffic police, Road Transport Authorities, toll plaza staff etc.

Children are also used as change agents to bring about behavioural change of road users by promoting Road Smart Kids groups in many of the locations.

Case Study

Hope Blossoms at Vemagiri!

For orphans who are infected/ affected by HIV, living itself is a great struggle. GMR Varalakshmi Foundation channelizes the support extended by the colleagues of Vemagiri Power Generation Ltd, Rajahmundry and a few ex-servicemen to such children. The employees are providing education support to 113 AIDS orphans. Some children have been provided with bicycles. Further, 25 children are assisted with regular nutritious food support. Foundation facilitates regular Anti Retro Viral therapy and CD4 Count tests (Cluster of Differentiation 4-a glycoprotein whose count is measured to assess the immune system in human beings) for these children in collaboration with the Government Hospital, Rajahmundry. There is a remarkable improvement in the CD4 count of the children.

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