Medical Clinics and Ambulances

In the areas where basic medical facilities are not adequate or easily accessible, GMRVF runs medical clinics which provide primary health care, medicines and referral services. An 8-bed clinic has been set up Kakinada Special Economic Zone location of GMR Group which is run in association with CARE Hospitals.

To make health care accessible in very remote areas, Foundation paramedics visit the villages.

Two ambulances run by Foundation are used for emergency cases where the patient is required to be moved to a hospital without any loss of time. The vehicles are made available round the clock and provide emergency medical services.

With support from EastWest Pharma Company, GMRVF is mobilizing essential medicines for its communities.


About 30 medical clinics are currently being run in under-served areas.

The 8-bedded day-clinic at Kakinada SEZ gives free treatment and medicines.

These facilities provide about 75,000 treatments every year.

Outreach health camps are conducted regularly in remote villages to make quality health care accessible to those communities. About 5 outreach camps are organized every month in remote villages.

Each of the two ambulances run by Foundation caters to 10-20 calls on an average per month.

In some places, community members are actively involved in the management of the ambulance.

Case Study

It’s Like Re-birth!

Mahadev Varlu Khobragade, aged 72 years, lives in Shembal village of Warora block in Chandrapur district of Maharashtra. When he was young he used to cultivate his small land holding but was hardly able to save any money for his old age. He has three sons but he lives independently. He is somehow able to make both ends meet by working as agriculture laborer in others’ fields. Having abused his health with alcohol and tobacco for several years, Mahadev’s general state of health is very poor and he suffers from Asthama. Introduction of Mobile Medical Unit in his village proved a blessing to him. He visited the MMU and got necessary medicines and dietary advice. Within a year, Mahadev’s health improved significantly and he is now able work regularly. Improved health led to better financial condition and better quality of life.

“If I am alive and talking to you today, it is only because of the support from Foundation” says Bachan with a touch of thankfulness in his tone.

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