Medical Camps

Regular general and specialized health camps are conducted for the project affected communities to make quality health care accessible to them. Outreach camps are conducted in the remotest, hilly villages regularly as basic health care facilities are absent in those villages. These camps have become a lifeline for those villages.


About 10-15 general or specialized medical camps are organized every month in different places, with the help of Government Health Department or local health care professionals.

About 5 outreach health camps are also organized every month in remote and hilly villages.

There has been regular involvement of District Health and Education Departments in these programs. Foundation also collaborates with NGOs to conduct the health awareness programs in the villages

Child-to-child and child-to-community strategies have been adopted in some places to spread vital health messages.

Case Study

Step for Healthy Mothers and Safe Babies!

Motherhood is one of the most exciting phases in a woman’s life. But for Sonam Rahul Muktewar, aged 20, who lives in Chinora village in Warora block of Maharashtra, it is the most anxious period since an abortion earlier had left her anemic and with many lingering doubts about her pregnancy. She and her husband are agriculture laborers. When she conceived for the second time, she enrolled herself in the Nutrition Centre run by Foundation in her village. GMRVF provided her nutrition support, regular health check-ups and above all, cleared all her misconceptions about pregnancy. The health volunteer at the Center informed her about the importance of institutional delivery and early initiation of breast feeding etc. As per the delivery plan suggested by the Center, Sonam was admitted into Govt. hospital by her husband well before the expected date of delivery and Sonam had a normal delivery and the girl child weighed 3.4 Kg. Sonam initiated Colostrum feeding to her baby and followed the vaccination schedule suggested by the Center. Now, both Sonam and her child are very healthy and Sonam thanks GMRVF for all the guidance and support!

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