We Believe

Health, Hygiene and Sanitation

GMRVF works to make quality healthcare accessible to its communities. Towards this, it creates healthcare facilities and also works at community level for improved health. With the conviction that preventive healthcare is key to good health, it stresses on health education and awareness.

Contributing to the Swachh Bharat Mission of the Government through supporting community, individual and institutional sanitation facilities is another thrust.

We Believe

With a belief that good health is integral to good quality of life, GMRVF strives to make both preventive and curative health care accessible to its communities.

GMRVF runs mobile Medical Units dedicated to taking healthcare to the doorsteps of the elderly and vulnerable. The units provide free medical check-ups and medicines. These medical units cover over 100 villages with weekly services. Medical clinics are also run in areas where primary healthcare services are not accessible.

General and specific medical camps are organized regularly in all the Foundation’s work areas.

For people in remote areas, ambulance facilities are made available for emergencies.

The Foundation also focusses on initiatives to promote maternal and child health.

Sanitation is a priority with the Foundation, and it not only runs community/public toilets, but also supports Individual toilets, School toilets, etc.

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