Empower Pratibha Centers

‘Pratibha’ Library-cum-Counseling Centers have been set up by Foundation to support youth at the cross roads of their careers – educational or employment – make informed decisions and choices based on interests and available options. A typical Pratibha center has a large number of books which help youth prepare for various competitive examinations. Information about various educational and employment opportunities is given to the youth at the center and a learning environment is created where they can read, learn and share. Coaching sessions are conducted for interested candidates to prepare them for different competitive examinations, especially related to jobs. The centers also conduct Computer coaching classes and Mock examinations and interviews. Support is provided to the candidates for filling the applications and preparing resumes. The centers also provide space for the youth to interact with peers and mentors.


Pratibha Centers are operational in 5 GMRVF locations currently

Over 700 members have gained employment at different job levels of public and private sectors with assistance and guidance from the centres. (Group II, Defense / Police Jobs, Teachers, Bank Jobs, other Government Jobs, Private Jobs etc.)

The counseling support provided to the members is very effective in guiding them towards appropriate careers and higher degrees.

Digital Classes on various subjects of competitive exams are conducted to increase the interest levels of the members and to enable them gain in-depth knowledge on the subjects.

Case Study

Hope Blossoms at Vemagiri!

For orphans who are infected/ affected by HIV, living itself is a great struggle. GMRVF channelizes the support extended by the colleagues of Vemagiri Power Generation Ltd, Rajahmundry and a few ex-servicemen to such children. The employees are providing education support to 113 AIDS orphans. Some children have been provided with bicycles. Further, 25 children are assisted with regular nutritious food support. Foundation facilitates regular Anti Retro Viral therapy and CD4 Count tests (Cluster of Differentiation 4-a glycoprotein whose count is measured to assess the immune system in human beings) for these children in collaboration with the Government Hospital, Rajahmundry. There is a remarkable improvement in the CD4 count of the children.

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